GE Appliances arrives on Wayfair


Wayfair, one of the world most popular website of on-line sales, announced it will expand its current household appliances offer, including also GE® and GE Profile™ products. So GE models, including washers, dryers, ranges, dishwashers and refrigerators will be available on and ready for delivery in 25 U.S. cities with nationwide roll-out in early 2018. Shoppers will now have convenient on-line access to an assortment of GE products and will be able to explore 3-D imagery of a wide selection of appliances through Wayfair’s seamless digital shopping experience.
«We are excited to introduce GE appliances to our customers, bringing to life a new retail experience that makes it faster, easier and more convenient than ever to shop for washers, dryers, refrigerators and more. When it comes to purchasing appliances, we understand that shoppers want to feel 100 percent confident in their decisions and know that the product they select will fit their exact needs and look great in their homes» – said Steve Oblak, chief merchandising officer, Wayfair.
«At GE Appliances – said instead Lauren Whitsell, general manager, sales operations of GE Appliances. – we are passionate about a great experience for our product owners, and we partner with resellers that create that for our brand. Wayfair has invested in a platform that brings our products to life digitally, and we look forward to reaching new consumers with our brand and a world class digital experience»