The Haier appliances in the new house of Chiara Ferragni


Haier has chosen Chiara Ferragni to furnish her new and highly anticipated Milanese home. The collaboration between the brand and the influencer continues and comes to life in the elegant Milanese dwelling. To equip Chiara’s kitchen, there is the new Haier Series 6 built-in appliance collection, designed in Haier Europe’s Milan Experience Design Center with refined materials and fine finishes.

In particular the kitchen features CHEF@HOME, the smart oven with full-touch screen on the door to manage all cooking functions, watch videos, surf the Internet, and control the preparation of dishes; the FD 90 Series 7 Pro four-door refrigerator with Absolute Ice technology, ensuring separate air flows and no contamination for 10 times purer ice; the small kitchen appliances of the I-MASTER Series 5 line, characterized by great attention to detail, premium materials and extreme versatility of use. Moreover, for the laundry, two highly technological and functional laundry columns, formed by the I-Pro Series 7 Plus front-loading washer and the I-Pro Series 7 Plus Super Silent dryer.

«Chiara Ferragni and Haier share a set of values that sets them apart in their respective worlds of reference. Chiara, a pioneer of a new style of communication, has been able to impose herself with determination and elegance in an innovative and still unexplored panorama, just as Haier is a forerunner of connected and technologically advanced solutions that are redesigning the world of household appliances – comments Atena Manca, Marketing Director Italy in Haier Europe –. In addition, the notoriety and attention that Chiara is able to generate constitute a strategic touch point in terms of awareness for the brand, as was the partnership with ATP Tour for the world professional tennis circuit, intriguing a demanding, attentive audience that is always in step with the latest trends.»