Fulgor Milano signed a partenership with Volleyball Padova


Volleyball Padova has signed a partnership with Fulgor Milano, a renowned brand of household appliances owned by the Meneghetti family. Fulgor Milano logo will be present on the jerseys of the first team, «becoming to all intents and purposes an integral part of the HCL “family”» – Volleyball Padova said.

«Fulgor Milano is a brand that, with its iconic products, is reaping success in international markets thanks to the creativity and innovation that distinguishes Made in Italy in the world. – said Gianni Meneghetti, CEO Fulgor Milano – I therefore joined with enthusiasm the partnership with Pallavolo Padova as we both aim at obtaining new and ambitious results. It is also our common desire to cultivate through healthy competition high values of socialisation, integration and well-being. How can we not recognise, therefore, to Pallavolo Padova and Fulgor Milano this relevant mission?».

Giancarlo Bettio, president of Pallavolo Padova added: «We are excited to announce this new collaboration with Fulgor Milano, a prestigious brand with national relevance. I would like to thank the Meneghetti family for the trust they have placed in our club and for deciding to embark on this path that gives prestige to our sports project».