GfK: building loyalty through positive and memorable experiences


GfK_new_logo[1]In today’s hyper-competitive, multichannel and omnichannel retail environment consumers seem less loyal than ever. This is the subject of 2014 global GfK FutureBuy study, which reveals that 61% of the consumers surveyed reported that they were: «less loyal to any one retailer [today], because [they] have to shop around more to find the best value». This trend is more pronounced in some local markets – in Brazil the equivalent figure is 76%, it’s 74% in China, 68% in the US and 65% in France – but overall there is a general move by consumers away from loyalty to retailers. When we looked at LECs, Leading Edge Consumers (that are made up of three different types of shoppers: early adopters, influentials, and passionate shoppers), more than three quarters (76%) said they were now less loyal to one retailer, compared to 58% of non-LECs. Because of their role as influencers of the mass market, this finding suggests retailers need to understand changes in consumer mindset and behavior around loyalty.


«We need to manage customer loyalty in a more holistic, integrated and mutually beneficial manner alongside brand building – suggests David Robbins, Global Director, Customer Satisfaction & Experience at GfK – We must also recognize that the difference between success and failure for both depends upon exactly the same thing – the enduring quality of the customer experience».