Distinctive elements


“Filippo’s kitchen” is a project realized by the company Comes for a private home, located in Ancona, in central Italy. It is an environment conceived as a balanced mix of bold colours, wooden details and industrial-style furnishing accessories, which give personality to the space in which they are placed. The kitchen is developed within an open space which allows to admire the Gulf of Ancona through large window areas. The environment dedicated to conviviality and food preparation is the protagonist of the room and the wooden peninsula, imposing compared to the work area, makes it clear how the project was designed to invite people to “stop” and admire the outside.

The appliances stand out
The kitchen is developed with a “C” shape, within which the appliances not only play a functional role but become distinctive elements capable of standing out in the environment, starting from the black hood with a contemporary design, which matches the minimal style of the induction hob, creating a modern taste area reserved for cooking. In the context of clean and essential lines that characterize the project, this appliance catches the eye: it inserts as a furnishing object within the kitchen environment and at the same time is a technological tool that guarantees air quality through extraction of fumes and vapours, as well as performing the function of illuminating the hob. In the project, a further distinctive element is the refrigerator, with soft lines in the 1950s style which, together with the hood, attracts attention and characterizes the kitchen. Finally, the column-mounted oven and built-in dishwasher complete the range of equipment.

Color to give “character”
Photo Media Visium.

The metal hood with an industrial flavor and the iconic refrigerator give a personal and "youthful" tone to the kitchen, also daring with colour. Comes focused on this aspect to give "character" to the project, ensuring that the appliances are not only necessary equipment to carry out specific functions but also objects capable of making the kitchen environment pleasant, becoming the heart of the home.