KitchenAid new Total No Frost Tall 400 refrigerator


KitchenAid presents its new Total No Frost Tall 400 built-in combined refrigerator. Characterized by the largest capacity in its category (400 litres) and with an internal width of 70 cm, it features the Total No Frost cooling system, which prevents the formation of ice and frost.

The model is also equipped with the Metal Multi Flow technology, which ensures a constant temperature in every corner of the refrigerator. Furthermore, thanks to the Push To Open system, the refrigerator can be opened with a simple pressure on the door, elegantly adapting to the design of contemporary kitchens.

The new KitchenAid combined refrigerator integrates different technologies to ensure optimal food preservation. The Total No Frost system regulates the circulation of cold air inside the refrigerator, guaranteeing the ideal level of humidity and avoiding the condensation of ice on food and refrigerator surfaces, thus preventing the formation of ice and frost. Finally, the Dinamic Fresh Zone is an innovative drawer for best preserving food, with three temperature levels, ideal for different types of food.