Spring air also in Winter


In the kitchen there is always a Spring, fragrant and clean air. This is possible thanks to the hoods which, integrating sophisticated technologies, allow you to easily restore the quality of the air, purifying it. So you can say goodbye both to unpleasant odors, which can be released with food cooking, and to pollutants present in the environment. Comfort and well-being also pass through the quality of domestic air and today hoods are increasingly the protagonists of the kitchen, with appliances standing out for their technological level, without neglecting design.

AirO’ technology by Baraldi
Wall by Baraldi is equipped with the AirO’ module, which uses plasma technology to enrich the air with negative ions that are beneficial for health. So bad odors can be quickly eliminated from the kitchen and, leaving the device in operation for a few hours, it is also possible to break down viruses, bacteria, mould, spores and fungi by up to 99.5%. AirO’ is designed to last over 45,000 hours without the need for maintenance. Furthermore, it is independent of the main flow of the suction motor and can therefore be activated only when needed. In addition, it has a timer that allows to turn off the purification function after 1 or 24 hours. Wall is available in black or stainless steel colors and features 4 speeds (including intensive mode), high power and low consumption LEDs and electronic control panel. The hood, filtering or aspirating, has an automatic switch-off function, indicators for cleaning and replacing filters, and a washable multi-layer aluminum grease filter.

Like Zephyro’s breath
In the Greek mythology, Zephyro is the personification of the sweet wind, of the breeze that accompanies the Spring season. And it is just by this mythological figure that B.S. Service was inspired for giving the name to its new patented photocatalytic filtering system, able to allow the hoods in which it is integrated to purify and sanitize the environment, eliminating up to 99% of allergens, molds and bacteria even in just one hour of operation through air circulation. Zephyro can find application in different types of the company hoods (built-in, down draft, ceiling and wall-mounted) so as to offer the end user not only a technology capable of guaranteeing greater well-being but also the possibility of choosing the solution that best suits specific needs.

The leaf sensor that monitors the air
Marilyn E.ion is one of the Falmec hoods equipped with the E.ion System. This technology, through controlled bipolar ionization, eliminates odors and restores air quality. The leaf-shaped sensor detects the presence of volatile organic compounds, odorous gases, formaldehyde, cigarette smoke and all pollutants present in the air: depending on the environmental conditions it changes color (from yellow to green) and, if necessary, activates the hood automatically so that the air is purified. Not only. The appliance also integrates the Carbon.Zeo filter (which combines zeolite and activated carbon to retain odors and vapours) and features perimeter extraction, LED lighting and touch control panel. Marilyn E.ion is an island hood which is also characterized by its sophisticated design with tempered glass and white ceramic finish.

AirMate, the intelligent system of FIM
The AirMate system, which distinguishes the Canopo AirMate hood by FIM, automates both ventilation and lighting, as well as offering a smart home and smartphone integration via the appropriate app with which user can constantly monitor the state of the air in the kitchen. The appliance is equipped with 11 sensors that measure a series of parameters, such as fine particles (PM2.5), total volatile organic compounds (TVOC), CO2, humidity, temperature etc. Using a variety of complex algorithms, the hood is able to guarantee optimal ventilation by regulating the extraction speed and thus ensuring an odor-free cooking, minimal noise levels, reduced energy consumption and indoor air quality. Canopo AirMate continues to fan in silent mode once cooking is finished, until the healthiness of the environment is completely restored. Finally, the automatic LED lights are dimmable to adapt to the user’s wishes.