Retro or contemporary style?


Whether you want to furnish a mountain kitchen with a rustic or modern style, there is no shortage of options regarding cooking appliances. To make your wishes come true, products with a minimal style can be choosen, which fit well into any environment, or retro-style appliances, which however have advanced technologies capable of guaranteeing advanced functions to support the user while cooking.

Induction technology with Dual Max Power zone
Thanks to its essential style, the induction hob integrates into any context, allowing to exploit the advantages of this cooking method. The FSH 905 ID WT BK model by Fulgor Milano (90 cm), for example, is in glossy black glass ceramic and has 5 induction areas. It is characterized by Wave Touch Slider controls and stands out for having the Dual Max Power area in the centre, i.e. two concentric areas of different sizes and powers: it therefore adapts automatically to pots of different sizes, making cooking easier. Furthermore, the product is equipped with Flexi technology (Automatic Bridge) thanks to which it is possible to combine the 4 single zones into 2 large vertical ones, allowing the use of large trays. In addition, the hob has 9 power levels + booster, preset temperatures (40°, 70°, 90°) and end of cooking timer. As regards safety, it is guaranteed by a system that includes the pan detection sensor, the touch control block, the residual heat indicator and the automatic switch-off with temperature sensor. Finally, the appliance is also available in matt black glass ceramic.

FSH 905 ID WT BK induction hob by Fulgor Milano.

The charm of the past lives again
Bertazzoni’s Heritage Series is inspired by the products created by the company at the beginning of the twentieth century, but enriched with contemporary technologies. In particular, the 60 cm F6011HERVPTAC oven is available in matt black or ivory with chrome or copper details. It has a 76-litre cavity and 11 functions for cooking at medium-low temperatures, with static or ventilated cooking, or for browning with the infrared grill. The appliance is controlled via the knobs and the TFT display, thanks to which it is also possible to manage the thermometric probe and the Bertazzoni Assistant which supports the user during the cooking process. The Total Steam function, on the other hand, allows to steam cook and the water tank can be removed and filled without having to interrupt the cooking program. A further strong point of the oven is the cleaning by pyrolysis, which allows to easily clean the appliance using heat, without the need for detergents. Finally, the door has a quadruple athermal glass which guarantees safety and efficiency.

Bertazzoni F6011HERVPTAC oven, Heritage Series.

Combined steam oven
For those who love contemporary style, there are several options that also integrate well into the kitchen of a mountain home. Among these, the ICBCSO30TE/S/TH combined steam oven from Wolf E transitional series (distributed in Italy by Frigo2000) allows you to use the benefits of steam for cooking. The product is characterized by a modern stainless steel finish with a tubular handle and an electronic display. It is 45 cm high and has an internal volume of 51 liters and 13 cooking functions, including Gourmet automatic steam with temperature and humidity sensor, Automatic delicate cooking at low temperature, Food warmer (80°C) and Degree-controlled steam cooking from 30°C to 100°C. Furthermore, it also has the function to regenerate already cooked food and includes 14 automatic recipes, as well as the possibility of recording personalized cooking modes. Finally, the oven is in A+ energy class.

Combined steam oven ICBCSO30TE/S/TH of the E transitional series by Wolf.
Wolf ICBCSO30TE/S/TH oven (top), installed in a house in Cortina D’Ampezzo (Parisotto and Formenton project).

Professional equipment
The 150 cm P15FSNE3/BUG cooking block is part of Ilve ‘s Nostalgie collection, which interprets tradition in a modern key. The Burgundy Red color and the brass finishes of the handles, knobs and frames create a retro effect, while the latest generation technologies are able to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding users. The product, in this configuration, features a gas hob with 7 burners (including a double crown burner and fish rack), Coupe de Feu and Fry Top plate. Furthermore, it is equipped with two electric ovens: a main one and a secondary one. Ilve ‘s P15N cooking blocks are available in various configurations and with different colors and finishes. Furthermore, they can be completed with the ladle holder panel and the hood. In addition to the 150 cm blocks, the Nostalgie range includes smaller appliances, with one or two ovens and also with an induction hob.

P15FSNE3/BUG cooking block by Ilve, Nostalgie collection.