New brand image for LG


LG Electronics has recently introduced its reinvented brand strategy to build a stronger, consistent brand image and better convey its commitment to providing a message of ‘Life’s Good.’ As the first step toward strengthening its brand identity, the company undertook a rigorous process to redefine its values and philosophy.

After clearly defining three core values of ‘Uncompromising customer experience,’ ‘Human-centered innovation’ and ‘Warmth to power a smile,’ the company set about reinterpreting and reinvigorating the LG brand, creating new visual assets that mark a new era in its history. The result of this reinvention is a younger and more dynamic visual identity that resonates more deeply with consumers across all generations and backgrounds.

«The look of LG’s iconic Life’s Good slogan – the company explains – has also been revamped and refreshed to better communicate the brand’s firm belief that life is good. A custom typography, inspired by various LG products’ form factors, makes the company’s well-known slogan more distinctive and unique, while the period at the end conveys LG’s confidence and sincerity in its mission to make people’s lives better through innovation».