Miele news for IFA 2023


Innovative products and services for greater sustainability and convenience are Miele’s top themes at this year’s IFA with the motto: ‘A Miele Open House‘. The topic of environment and climate, which has always been a high priority at the company, remains at the center of its offer. The outstanding durability and repairability of Miele appliances, as well as their energy efficiency, combined with the best results and convenience features are just two examples of how Miele supports its customers in making their lives as sustainable as possible.

Among the new appliances, Miele will present its first washing machine to undercut the limit value for energy efficiency class A by 10%. The dishwashers on the G 7000 series are among the most sustainable on the market. The G 7465 SCVi XXL model recently won the prestigious ‘Green Product Award‘. Now these appliances have been given additional programmes for cleaning which is as thorough as it is energy-efficient and gentle. In addition, the dish racks have been further developed so that reusable glass bottles and drinking straws can also be securely attached and thoroughly rinsed.

A further contribution to climate protection in the home is made by the Consumption Dashboard in the Miele app, with detailed consumption displays, long-term statistics on usage behaviour, the associated consumption, and practical tips on how to use the appliance as efficiently as possible. The Consumption Dashboard, in this form unique by Miele, was presented at the last IFA in a first step for dishwashers and meanwhile is also available for monitoring washing machines.

At IFA, Miele will also display the AI-based assistance system Smart Food ID, which recognises dishes via a camera in the oven and shows them on the oven display. All it needs then is the OK to confirm and baking, roasting or cooking starts and ends automatically. Currently, Smart Food ID recognises about 30 recipes, and Miele is gradually expanding the range. Smart Food ID has already been introduced in the first European countries, including Austria and Switzerland, with Germany to follow in the coming weeks.