Sustainability will be more and more relevant in appliances purchaises


Gfk made an analysis about sustainability and appliances to understand if sustainability is already a core driver for global Tech and Durables shoppers. In 2022, pollution still was among the top five concerns in 13 of the 22 countries surveyed in the global GfK Consumer Life study. The company’s experts take a look at how sustainability and consumers’ environmental demands are influencing the global Tech and Durables (T&D) market. It forecasts that by 2030 50 percent of the world’s population will be eco-active, with a potential global spend of over 700 billion US dollars on Consumer Tech and Durables.

Despite short-term disruption, environmentalism continues to be a fast-growing, long-term personal value among consumers. There is a widespread belief that young people are the most concerned about climate change, but the biggest increase in concern since 2021 has actually been among those aged 60 and over. One in five of this group researched companies’ environmental practices in 2022 – that’s up 6 percentage points from the previous year – and nearly 50 percent of them “travel green”.

«It is very likely that a company’s environmental credentials, such as its carbon footprint, alone do not easily justify a premium price to consumers – says Norbert Herzog, GfK expert for Consumer Tech and Durables –. Durability and energy efficiency are key factors for Tech and Durables shoppers who are looking for overall saving in the lifetime cost of their devices, as well as being greener in their product choices.»