Quantum Pro, the adavanced version of Quantum by Falmec


Quantum Pro represents the evolution of the first Quantum model by Falmec, the integrated cooking system inspired by the concept of one and indivisible, as in quantum physics. The new version has been improved not only in its controls – with a new touch slider with display – but also in its cooking technology. The latter is characterized by high performance and new functions including automatic pot recognition, a timer for each cooking zone and the Keep Warm function.

Quantum Pro retains the elegant and minimal aesthetics of the traditional version, enhancing it even further with a precious “all black” screen printing, in line with the latest trends regarding kitchen design. The extraction element, positioned in the middle, is equipped with motorised glass flaps that open automatically during functioning, and close up again at the end, guaranteeing the uniformity of the surface. The extraction section is delimited by a frame in black painted steel with scratchproof treatment.

Quantum Pro is also available in the Easy filtering version that offers maximum ease of installation and maintenance thanks to the Carbon.Zeo filter, integrated in the hood body, that allows the air to be drawn in, filtered and then re-emitted directly into the sterile space of the cabinet. The filtering system exploits all the benefits of the special filter, made up of carbon and zeolite capable of absorbing odours and impurities and reduce moisture.