Cool even when it’s hot


Refrigerator is an indispensable appliance for any type of home, even when it’s a second home, for example at the seaside, where people spend holidays especially in the hottest season. Keeping food and drinks fresh is not a problem, indeed the most recent models of refrigerators are equipped with technologies that preserve the freshness of food for a long time and, depending on the appliance, also allow the dispensing of fresh water and ice. Furthermore, the variety of available proposals (in terms of dimensions, aesthetics, etc.) makes it easy to find the most suitable solution for any type of kitchen.

More space in the same footprint
Designed to fit 75 cm niches, with a height of 193 cm, Grundig Himalaya 75 offers more capacity than a standard fridge-freezer. Thus, it satisfies the needs of those who want more space for storing fresh food, without having to give up a built-in model. The appliance is equipped with the latest generation technologies, such as the VitaminZone drawer which preserves the vitamin contents of fruit and vegetables. Inside, a special alternation of light stimuli simulates the natural 24-hour solar cycle: the colored lights follow one another (4 hours blue light, 2 hours green light, 6 hours red light and 12 hours dark) to allow vitamins A and C and the nutrients to be stored longer. Furthermore, the presence of two separate and independent cooling systems maximizes product performance by guaranteeing a correct level of humidity in the refrigerator compartment and a dry environment in the freezer.

Coordinated aesthetics
With Ilve ‘s Nostalgie collection it is possible to design a kitchen environment that is homogeneous in style also with regard to the main appliances. The side-by-side refrigerator combines retro aesthetics and advanced technologies: it is available in different colors and with various finishes for the handles, and is equipped with electronic control and a water and ice dispenser. It offers a large internal volume (the fridge compartment has a net capacity of 336 liters and the freezer compartment of 152 litres) and features the Super cooling and Super freezing functions. The subdivision of the spaces allows to stow food and drinks in an orderly manner: the refrigerator has 4 glass shelves, 2 drawers for fruit and vegetables and 5 balconies on the inner door, while the freezer includes 2 drawers, 4 glass shelves and 2 balconies. Finally, the appliance is energy efficient.


Filtered and also flavored water
Water and refreshing drinks without the need for plastic bottles: Samsung refrigerators with Beverage Center allow to obtain fresh filtered water both from the dispenser and from the integrated carafe which is topped up automatically (thanks to the Autofill function) and which allows to flavor water with fruit, vegetables and flavourings. Furthermore, the Dual Auto Ice Maker, positioned inside the refrigerator, fills up independently and produces two different sizes of ice cubes: the Ice Cubes (useful for refreshing water) and the Ice Bites (smaller and ideal for juices, soft drinks and cocktails). Another plus of the product is the Smart Conversion function which provides 5 different ways to convert the freezer compartment into a refrigerator, according to needs.

Professional design and technologies
The stainless steel exterior and interior give a robust and professional design to the refrigerators of the PRO line by Sub-Zero (built-in and freestanding), distributed in Italy by Frigo2000. They are equipped with a double refrigeration system (one for the refrigerator compartment and the other for the freezer) and a triple evaporator which allows to set different temperatures in the upper compartment of the refrigerator and in the refrigerator drawers. Furthermore, the Air purification system (technology invented by the NASA) reduces bacteria, viruses and the amount of ethylene gas that is emitted by some foods. In particular, the ICBPRO3650G model is characterized by the triple glass door resistant to UV rays. The fridge compartment has, among its equipment, a drawer with a lid that keeps the humidity level high and 2 removable stainless steel containers; the freezer, on the other hand, is equipped with an automatic ice maker with a removable steel container and the Max Ice function which increases the ice production by 40% in a 24-hour period.