A revolution in the kitchen


When induction hob and hood become a single appliance, it is possible to give a new shape to the cooking area, redesigning the spaces and daily movements. The extractor hob is one of those innovations that have been able to revolutionize the kitchen environment, combining functionality, technology and aesthetics. It is no longer necessary to plan the footprint of the hood, because the extraction takes place from below. The advantages of an effective capture of vapors are combined with the practicality and technological functions of induction cooking. All in a device with a clean and minimalist style.

Aria+ with Chef function
Technological heart and essential design: Aria+ by Fulgor Milano allows to cook with an advanced appliance with a contemporary style. The 80 cm FHH 800 ID TC BK model features 4 cooking zones (adjustable to 9 power levels + Booster) with Bridge functionality. The Multifunction Touch Control system allows to manage the various functions, including Chef which allows to preset cooking areas at different temperatures. Other useful options are the timer and keeping food warm. In addition, it is also possible to have the power limiter. As far as suction is concerned, the hood is hidden under the glass-ceramic flap and has 10 levels of regulation, adjustable delayed auto-off, waterproof motor, dishwasher-safe grease filters and regenerable activated carbon anti-odour filters. The product reaches A++ energy class and is designed for use in extraction or filtering mode. Finally, Aria+ is also available in the 60 cm version.

Collaboration with Valerio Cometti Studio
Attention to detail distinguishes the P804ICH2M37NT extractor hob by Bertazzoni, created in collaboration with Valerio Cometti Studio. Aesthetic is dominated by the circular grid with the brand logo in the centre. Functionally, the product has 4 cooking areas, multi-zone technology and integrated hood with 10 speeds. Among the various functions with which the appliance is equipped, Automatic Operation allows the suction level to be automatically adjusted according to the power selected for cooking. Furthermore, timer can be activated simultaneously for all the cooking zones even with different times, while the Pause/Recall function temporarily interrupts the entire hob activity and then start cooking again maintaining the same settings.

Compact and silent
Perfecto by Galvamet (60 and 80 cm) is designed to fit easily into the kitchen environment: the appliance can be installed in free-standing or built-in way without interruption on the worktop. Furthermore, the motor positioned directly under the glass guarantees the preservation of space in the base for the drawers. The hood operates silently and can be set to 9 speeds + Booster. The functions of the suction system include adjustable delayed auto-shutdown and alerts for maintenance of the grease filter and the Long Life anti-odour filter. Furthermore, thanks to a special kit, the hood can be transformed from extractor to filtering. As regards the functions relating to cooking, the hob with 4 zones is equipped with Bridge mode, residual heat indicator, pan detector, child lock, etc. The product is easy to control thanks to the slider controls and guarantees a high level of energy efficiency (A++class).

Inspired by Ptolemy
The Tolomeo (Ptolemy) suction hob by Fim-airworks, which combines technology and design, takes its name from the famous scientist and astronomer. Elegant and clean in its lines, thanks to the central suction system it reaches high levels of fume capture and energy efficiency. In addition, the touch controls allow to easily manage the different functions. Among these, the Intensive mode is useful when large quantities of steam are generated, because it activates the hood at maximum power for a certain time (in order to quickly eliminate odors) and then automatically reduces the suction speed. Other available functions are: the power limiter, the Booster and Bridge modes, keeping warm, the function that temporarily pauses cooking, the Minute Minder that sets the countdown on the hob, etc. Tolomeo is made in the 60 and 80 cm versions.