Gaggenau increases its presence in North America and Australia


Gaggenau, the luxury brand for professional grade home appliances, has recently opened new flagships and showrooms in North America and Australia. The brand has seen an increase in demand for its products from high-net-worth consumers in both the areas and this has led to the development of a brand-new flagship concept starting with showroom openings in Vancouver and Toronto, and flagships in Sydney and Miami.

Gaggenau’s flagships in Sydney and Miami, are architectural marvels that seamlessly fuse the brand’s rich heritage with local cultural and design elements. These spaces serve as experiential hubs for culinary enthusiasts, architects, interior designers, and homeowners looking to explore the art of the kitchen. The flagships each boast a unique space and character, taking inspiration from the local neighbourhood; offering moments of reflection for the design-conscious individual and professional.

«In North America – the company explais – there’s a growing emphasis on a modern aesthetic, prioritising the kitchen as the central lifestyle hub of the home. Gaggenau’s “modern classic” design aligns seamlessly with this movement, offering timeless, sophisticated and elegant solutions for luxury kitchens. The Miami flagship pays homage to the city’s rich design and art deco heritage and Gaggenau aims to nurture and collaborate with innovative, emerging artists by providing them with a platform to showcase their work. As you step into the space, you’ll find an invitation to engage in curated art experiences that allow visitors to connect with the brand in a new way».