Smeg wine coolers to storage wine at home


Smeg offers a performant range of wine cellars able to ensure the proper conservation of any bottle. Wine in fact, needs to be kept away from sources of light and heat and humidity level for long-term wine storage must range from 60 to 80%.

Moreover the absence of vibrations favours the proper storage of wine. It is therefore necessary to store bottles on a stable support. Smeg also underlines that it is essential to store and serve wine at the correct temperature.

«The Smeg wine coolers, completely made in Italy, – the company said – are the perfect solution for storing wine in the best conditions. Light, humidity, vibrations and temperatures are always under control, so every bottle will be served in the best conditions. Having the right tools is essential for storing and serving wine at its best. Storing bottles in a home cellar, moreover, is the solution for keeping them at the right temperature».