Fresh food for longer


A healthy cooking without waste cannot be separated from a good method of preserving food and the vacuum is an ideal system for prolonging the freshness of food. This technique, already used in catering for some time, now can also find space in a domestic kitchen, with both built-in and freestanding solutions. Drawers and vacuum machines allow you to pack food in special bags or containers from which the air is removed, preserving the quality of the ingredients for longer.

In combination with the steam oven
The vacuum drawer is a built-in appliance that perfectly matches the steam oven and becomes a useful complement because hermetically sealed food can be cooked with the sous vide method and at low temperatures. The drawers for domestic use are designed to be user-friendly: the FVSD 2900 TC model by Fulgor Milano, for example, can be easily managed thanks to the digital control. The appliance allows you to activate different vacuum cycles: for storage and cooking (with bags) and in containers. In addition, it is also possible to carry out the vacuum cycle for jars outside the tank. The drawer has an internal capacity of 8 liters and features a welding bar, glass lid and energy saving function. Finally, 10 bags are supplied for storage and 10 for cooking at max. 100°C. The management of the drawers for the vacuum is easy, also thanks to the presence of functions that facilitate their use. The VM615SC model by Ilve, in particular, is equipped with the Chef Sous Vide function, in addition to those for vacuum packing in bags and containers and for sealing the bags. The product, with a bell chamber, allows 4 sealing levels and guarantees reduced consumption. In its catalog Ilve also offers the Colonna Stellata, a system that includes a vacuum drawer, an oven and a blast chiller.

A wide choice for every need
The vacuum packaging machines include various types of devices. The Fresh Quality line by R.G.V., for example, includes the Fresh Quality Home model which features a multifunction control panel with touch keys and lid locking handle. Furthermore, it allows you to exploit the advantages of the “pulse vacuum” option to package even fragile products. The Fresh Quality LED model, on the other hand, is characterized by the LED light that turns on during the different functions, the double sealing (for a better closure of the bags) and the double pump. It allows you to choose between 3 welding settings and 2 suction powers, and also allows continuous use. Finally, for kitchens with tight spaces, the Fresh Quality Magnet solution is designed with compact dimensions and a magnet for hanging the machine on the refrigerator (or other ferritic surfaces). It has a modern design, it can be used with both bags and rolls and the attachment for containers is also included in the package. The packaging machines intended for the domestic channel combine technologies inspired by the professional world and attention to aesthetics. For example, S-250 Premium SV super-automatic machine by Sico Kitchenware (a Bisva company’s brand) is available in different colors and guarantees high performance. The use is easy thanks to the magnetic closure system that ensures that the user does not have to keep the vacuum bell pressed continuously. It has a double sealing bar and the sealing and opening of the vacuum bell are automatic. In addition, the sealing time is adjustable on 10 levels and the professional vacuum gauge constantly measures the vacuum value. Other pluses of the product are the pump protected by the removable double filter, the Soft Vacuum function (for soft, fragile and moist foods) and the continuous use. The machine can be used with bags (even larger than the width of the sealing bar), rolls and containers.

S-250 Premium SV machine by Sico Kitchenware (Bisva)