Cooking well, without complications

Brera suction hob by Falmec.

The latest generation hobs allow you to cook well without particular efforts, making it easier to have a quality diet. They are among the most advanced kitchen appliances, whether you consider induction or gas technology. They allow for accurate control of heat, the intensity of which is easily and precisely adjusted. Induction hobs also offer the possibility of joining contiguous areas for cooking with large pans. In addition, suction hobs, which integrate induction and suction cooking, are increasingly present in the brand catalogs.

“Invisible” technology and Carbon.Zeo filters
Brera by Falmec is characterized by its minimal design: inside, the appliance hides a technology that integrates the hood into the induction hob, allowing to exploit the advantages of this cooking method, in terms of speed and heat management, and the effectiveness of aspiration. All with attention also to silence to ensure a high level of comfort when using the product. The cooking area and the extraction area are joined by a monochromatic glass, distinguished only by a thin slot that defines the two areas. When the appliance is in operation, the rear part opens automatically to extract the cooking fumes. In addition, the filter version includes the Carbon.Zeo filters, which combine two materials of natural origin (carbon and zeolite) to eliminate odors and absorb the vapors humidity.

Nine power levels
In the Aria+ suction hob by Fulgor Milano (one of the latest innovations of the brand), it is possible to easily select the most suitable power among the 9 levels available thanks to the multifunction touch control. You can also use the Booster function to make the most of the power in a particular area for a limited time. The hob has 4 inductors and allows to create 2 Bridge zones for cooking with large pans. The area dedicated to extraction is characterized by the flap system, which opens when the hood comes into operation. The appliance is equipped with anti-grease and anti-odor ceramic filters: special indicators alert when maintenance of the grease filters (dishwasher safe) and the regeneration of the ceramic filters is necessary. Other features of the product are the A++ class, the patented waterproof motor and the delayed self-shutdown of the hood which is adjustable.

Flame spreaders with non-stick nanotechnological treatment
Designed by EMO Design, the new HCPMT95D gas hob by Ilve expands the Panoramagic range. It is a 90 cm model with 5 burners, including a 5kW Dual burner. The appliance stands out for its brass flame spreader with non-stick nanotechnological treatment. In addition, the cast iron grids (with a design that recalls the Ilve brand hexagon) and the large Panoramagic knobs are iconic elements of the series that contribute to making it recognizable.

Panoramagic HCPMT95D gas hob by Ilve
Three in one
LHOV is the Elica's novelty that combines three appliances in a single solution (hob, hood and oven). This innovation, conceived and designed by Fabrizio Crisà, Chief Design Officer of the company, gives life to a new category of household appliances, designed for kitchens where every centimeter is exploited with intelligence. LHOV consists of a single module that enhances the linearity of the kitchen: no protrusions and no interruptions. In addition, the extraction system is integrated and the oven, located under the hob, is at a height that frees up space under it for an additional storage compartment. The suction system removes vapors and odors coming not only from the hob, but also from the oven. The latter, then, has a greater width than the standard models. Moreover, the interaction with LHOV can take place through the smart touch display or with voice control. The product recalls in its name the three elements that make up the system (Hob, Oven, Ventilation), to which the "L" adds the assonance with the English word "love".