Man-nature blend

Photo Marco Menghi.

Born from the collaboration between Stefano Boeri Architetti and Aran Cucine, Oasi is an innovative project, which interprets the blend between man and nature, inspired by the concept of the Vertical Wood created in Milan. It is a single and essential kitchen/dining area block, which integrates the natural element into a harmonious and at the same time functional whole. At the heart of the project is a fruit tree, located in the center of the block. Starting from the classic layout of the island kitchen, Oasi encloses in a single multifunctional structure, developed around the tree, all the phases of food treatment: storage, washing, preparation, cooking, service, consumption, recycling. Following the “principle of circularity” to allow the correct sequence of processes, the free-standing square-shaped kitchen unit is developed as an articulated technological device in which storage spaces and appliances are inserted (refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, compactor for the waste recycling). Furthermore, a special mechanism allows the sliding of two “wings” on the two symmetrical sides of the block, which thus also turns into a dining table. Finally, the project includes a continuous and controlled irrigation system, which uses the kitchen water system, and an artificial lighting system that integrates the natural one. Oasi allows to combine in an original project the natural element, a source of well-being, and the most modern technologies such as induction cooking and the integrated hood.

Resistant materials and a natural style
The top of Oasi is made of solid surface, a very resistant material and therefore capable of lasting over time. As for the doors of the kitchen block, the project involves the use of a completely natural wood, the result of the recovery of original Venetian bricole.

Oasi also on the wall
Among the latest innovations proposed by Aran Cucine and Stefano Boeri Architetti, there is the wall version of Oasi, which exploits verticality while maintaining the peculiarity of the natural element integrated into the kitchen project. Wall-mounted Oasi is also suitable for small living areas and provides a unit with simple lines, highlighted by the smooth doors made of oxidized or fossil wood. The structure presents a division of the internal space organized by well-divided storage compartments and large shelves for the pantry and for the appliances. The kitchen allows to grow trees, ornamental or aromatic plants.