Useful and discrete


Sense by Falmec fits elegantly into the domestic landscape constantly carrying out an important task: analysing air quality and the factors that affect psychophysical well-being.
Small size, understated presence, simple interface: Sense is a device that helps keep track of many parameters on which well-being in the home depends, from the levels of VOC (volatile organic compounds) and CO2 to temperature and humidity. These data can be viewed through a coloured circle on the device and an app that also allows you to record daily, weekly, and monthly data in order to control these trends.




Sense can be combined with all remote controlled Falmec hoods. If the set limits are reached, and the hood is connected to Sense in “auto” mode, suction is activated automatically in order to restore healthier air conditions.
In addition, Sense allows you to control the hood functions via smartphone or voice command devices.