The best possible air quality


Well-being in the kitchen also depends on the air you breathe. And when it comes to hoods, well-being means innovative technologies able to eliminate bad smells and cooking vapors, restoring the quality of the indoor air. The possibility to choose between suction and filtering models responds to the different needs of users, to find the most suitable solution for a specific environment. Furthermore, the functional effectiveness is combined with a wide range of aesthetic proposals for a perfect integration with furniture and other appliances.

Matrix by Falmec

E.ion System technology
Matrix is the suction solution of the E.ion collection by Falmec. The E.ion System technology, through controlled bipolar ionization, allows to recreate the atmospheric ions in the kitchen which naturally eliminate unpleasant odors and contribute to psychophysical well-being. The leaf-shaped sensor, integrated in the hood, detects the presence of volatile organic compounds (VOC), odorous gases, formaldehyde, cigarette smoke and all other pollutants: it works as an indicator to measure the quality of the home air, changing color (from yellow to green) depending on the environmental conditions. Furthermore, thanks to the automatic function, the hood activates by itself if the sensor perceives a worsening of indoor air quality, purifying it. Matrix is composed of an anodized aluminum structure, with a satin glass volume that gives it a material effect. The functional part is flanked by table tops in smoked glass, where it is possible to house kitchen items.

Plasma filter technology
Thanks to the Plasma filtering technology, the Galvamet Hub pendant island hood allows to eliminate up to 95% of the odors spreading in the kitchen: this appliance purifies the air without the need for pipes, thus combining efficiency and sober elegance. The hood is equipped with a touch screen with which to select the 3 speeds, in addition to the Booster mode. Moreover, Hub can also be controlled with the remote control. The appliance has an adjustable delayed self-shutdown function and alerts the user when maintenance is required on the grease filter. In addition, both the temperature and the intensity of the light can be adjusted. Hub is available in 160 and 120 cm versions. In particular, Hub 160 offers unprecedented opportunities of use (for example as a glasses holder and with side shelf) and Hub 120 is available in the version consisting of the hood element (120 cm) and the shelf element (60 cm), redesigning the space with a contemporary style.

Hub 160 by Galvamet
Galvamet Hub 120 with shelf
Air is sanitized with the AirO' system
Wall by Baraldi integrates the AirO' air sanitizer. The system is characterized by a Plasma generator that releases large quantities of negative ions into the air, which are beneficial to health and capable of eliminating pathogens. The AirO' system works separately from the primary flow of the hood: when the user needs to purify the air, he can activate the sanitizing function which eliminates cooking odors in 15/30 minutes. If, on the other hand, the system is left to run for a few hours (a timer deactivates it after 24 hours), the organic elements, including viruses, bacteria, spores, fungi and molds, are reduced by up to 99.5%.
24h function and Carbon finish
The new Bertazzoni KT90P1ANT wall hood (Professional Series) is equipped with the 24h function, which carries out a continuous air exchange. The hood features 3 speeds + Booster, A+ energy class and stainless steel filters. In addition, it is also available with a Carbon finish which uses the same paint applied to the most famous Italian luxury sports cars.