Well-being and quality kitchen


Equipping a kitchen with a combined steam cooking oven allows you to easily create a healthy and quality diet. Steam cooking, in fact, preserves color, nutrients and texture of food and does not require many seasonings. Furthermore, the combination of steam and heat allows to obtain excellent results also with doughs or meat and fish cooking. The available solutions are different but all united by the high technological level of the products. Automatic programs and intuitive interfaces allow anyone to cook tasty and healthy dishes.

Fulgor Milano presents its Atmos steam oven

The advantages of steam in A++ class
Atmos multifunction oven is one of the latest innovations by Fulgor Milano. It features 6 steam cooking modes, 11 programs and 9 special functions. The water tank has a capacity of 1.5 liters and the steam temperature is reached in less than 5 minutes. In addition, the oven guarantees an autonomy of over 3 hours for steam cooking at 100°C without having to top up the water. And when it is necessary to do so, this operation does not require opening the oven door. The appliance is also in A++ energy efficiency class and is equipped with touch controls and soft closing hinges. Finally, a further plus of Atmos is the Pizza function, thanks to which the oven reaches up to 290°C to ensure a perfect cooking.

The technology of Atmos steam oven by Fulgor Milano

New dimension for the steam oven
Thanks to its 90 cm wide x 45 cm high, it is possible to cook two dishes on the same shelf with V-Zug Combi Steamer V6000 Grand oven (distributed in Italy by Frigo2000). This product has a 68 liter stainless steel cooking compartment, double fan, climate sensors (temperature/humidity) and a customizable touch display (App or list style) with Circle Slider to set programs. The appliance allows steam cooking, sous vide, combined steam cooking and the regeneration of food already cooked through steam. In addition, the opening of the water tank door is automatic. Among the numerous technological pluses, this oven also includes Automatic Cooking (it does not require to set either temperature or time), the possibility of memorizing 50 programs, the thermometric probe with 3 detection points and the EasyCook function that allows you to have cooking suggestions also divided by “eating styles”. Finally, to offer guests a moment of well-being, the appliance has a Wellness program with which to heat the oshibori towels.

Intelligent Kitchen
The new iQ700 ovens by Siemens are a concentrate of technology, designed according to the Intelligent Kitchen concept promoted by the brand. These products, connected and enhanced by AI, are managed through a high resolution TFT-Touch display and can also be controlled via voice commands or remotely with the Home Connect app. Among the technologies and programs in the range, there are for example the fullSteam Plus function for cooking with steam, the browning sensor with which users can select the preferred browning level, the cookControl Pro function to choose the final touch in the cooking of each dish (for example fast, juicy or crunchy: the oven automatically applies the right settings and switches off when the dish is ready) and the bakingSensor Plus which measures the humidity level in the oven.

Siemens iQ700.
SmartAeroPro technology, inspired by aerodynamics
The Prologue GEBD19401BHI assisted steam oven by Grundig ensures a constant flow of uniform air throughout the appliance thanks to the SmartAeroPro technology inspired by aerodynamics. The Inverter fan rotates in two directions minimizing temperature fluctuation, so that each dish is cooked to perfection, from the center to the edges. In addition, the SteamAid function allows for low-fat and nutrient-rich cooking. The oven is equipped with a connection to the HomeWhiz app and has 15 cooking functions.