Not a simple coffee


A kitchen designed for the well-being of those who live there is increasingly an environment with a rich technological equipment. Even with regard to the pleasure of coffee, today at home it is possible to enjoy an espresso as good as that of the bar. And not only that, because the most advanced models of coffee machines allow you to prepare many types of drinks and have a high level of customization. Both built-in and freestanding products are available, with styles that can be integrated into the kitchen environment in the best way. They are easy to use and easy to clean appliances thanks to self-cleaning technologies.

Faemina powered by Dekton

Thirty automatic programs
Technological and able to satisfy different needs, the Fulgor Milano Pro coffee machine features 30 automatic programs and allows you to choose among 3 coffee temperatures, 5 intensity levels (extra strong, strong, medium, light, very light) and 5 types of cups (espresso, short, medium, large, pot). The built-in machine is equipped with a cappuccinatore (tool for cappuccino) and allows the dispensing of steam and hot water (to prepare tea, infusions and herbal teas). In addition, it also includes the coffee grinder (thus allowing the use of coffee beans), the liquid collection tray and the LED lighting. The selection of the settings, then, is simple thanks to the TFT touch display and cleaning takes place through automatic programs. Finally, the presence of special warning lights alerts when there is no water and coffee, when it is necessary to clean and when it is necessary to replace the anti-limescale filter.

Pro coffee machine by Fulgor Milano

Up to six user profiles
V-Zug offers a built-in coffee machine that allows you to set up to six user profiles, in order to customize the product according to the user’s preferences. It is an automatic model thanks to which it is possible to make numerous coffee and milk-based specialties. In addition, you can set the desired temperature and choose among five options for both the strength of the coffee and the size of the cup. The presence of two containers allows you to use both ground and bean coffee: just press a button to select the desired coffee. Moreover, the milk frother creates a perfect foam in three different levels for cappuccino, latte macchiato and coffee with milk. An automatic washing and descaling program manages the cleaning operations, while the internal element of the milk container can be washed in the dishwasher.

V-Zug coffee machine (distributed in Italy by Frigo2000)

Three different coffee blends
Miele CVA 7845 is a built-in model with numerous hi-tech features. Thanks to CoffeeSelect it is possible to choose the most suitable blend in beans among the 3 that can be placed in the appropriate containers. The beans are then ground through the Aromatic SystemFresh. The machine brews up to 25 different drinks, including different types of tea (e.g. black and green teas, herbal or fruit teas, etc.), for which the optimum water temperature is reached. In addition, 10 user profiles can be stored. Further pluses of the product are: the possibility of configuring the appliance even remotely via the Miele@mobile app, the AutoDescale automatic descaling program, the AutoClean function and the proximity sensor that switches on the light and display when approaching the user.

Miele CVA 7845
An exclusive concept
Faema, a brand of the Cimbali Group, has chosen the Cosentino materials to customize Faemina, its espresso machine designed for the home and small businesses. From this collaboration the Faemina concept powered by Dekton was born. The selected shades of Dekton are Laurent and Natura18: the color palette of Laurent, inspired by Port Laurent natural stone, consists of an intense dark brown background, warmed by golden veins; Natura18, instead, is a lighter shade, characterized by a marbled pattern with gray veins.