Haier presented Haier Europe Open Enterprise

Marco Fossataro

Haier Europe launches Haier Europe Open Enterprise, a venture building project through which the company aims to expand its ecosystem with the engagement of scale-ups and high growth potential companies. The initiative was presented during a press conference in which the company representatives, Marco Fossataro, chief financial officer at Haier Europe and CEO of Haier Europe Open Enterprise, and Andrea Contri, IoT ecosystem director ,outlined the company’s objectives and growth strategy in Italy and Europe and its projects in the field of connectivity and Internet of Things.

Haier Europe aims to provide an increasingly connected and AI-driven user experience, in line with its vision of being the first consumer choice for smart home solutions. Open Enterprise will contribute to the pursuit of this goal through investments in scale-ups and companies operating in segments related to Haier Europe’s core activities, while simultaneously supporting entrepreneurial projects developed within the Group.

«It is with great excitement that we announce Open Enterprise – said Marco Fossataro -. As Haier Europe, we listen, anticipate and satisfy the needs of our consumers by going beyond product boundaries, pursuing our Zero distance to Consumer philosophy in order to enable new scenarios in Smart Home solutions. To achieve this goal, we will act as a catalyst, operating in ecosystems to aggregate excellence and offer a unique experience to our users.»