Total integration




GT9KC53C gas hob of La Cottura by Italian Design.

The most recent hob models are among the appliances that best fit into minimalist environments, with solutions with a clean design that integrates perfectly with the worktop. The induction hobs, with their smooth and uniform surface, are particularly suitable for kitchens with a contemporary style, even in the suction versions. But solutions with an essential style are not lacking even among gas hobs. In both cases, the result is an appliance with a sophisticated, modern and elegant style.

The gas hob is dressed in black
The latest generation gas hobs renew this traditional type of products with models that not only stand out in terms of technology but also in terms of design. The GT9KC53C hob of La Cottura by Italian Design, for example, has a modern black aesthetic, an increasingly trendy color in contemporary kitchens. The black glass ceramic surface emphasizes the sobriety and elegance of the lines, and the cast iron grids ensure both solidity and a clean design, which is not visually heavy. Even the knobs are characterized by an aesthetic that favors the simplicity of the shapes. Finally, the appliance is a 90 cm wide model, with 5 high efficiency aluminum burners, one of which is a central Wok.

Linear and in continuity with the worktop

FSH 804 ID WT MBK hob by Fulgor Milano.

The minimal style of the induction hobs has revolutionized the aesthetics of the kitchen environment: even the external appearance of these products highlights their modernity. The black glass ceramic surface of the FSH 804 ID WT MBK hob by Fulgor Milano creates, for example, a continuous space that does not interrupt the linearity of the kitchen top. The subtle geometric signs, which indicate where to place the pots, enhance the essential design of the product and intuitively suggest where the vertical flexi zone for larger pans and the Dual Max area are located. In addition, the Wave Touch Slider controls become practically invisible, if switched off. The hob, then, provides both flush-to-top and semi-flush-to-top mounting. Finally, the essential style of the product also facilitates cleaning thanks to the smooth surface. The linear design “hides” latest generation technologies such as the assisted cooking for each zone with 3 pre-set temperatures.

The perfect synthesis

Falmec Sintesi suction hob.

A design without excess that combines, in a single appliance, induction technology and suction system: Falmec Sintesi is a black glass ceramic suction hob with stainless steel frame. The extraction apparatus is equipped with flaps that open during operation, disappearing and aligning themselves completely with the hob, when the extraction of vapors is no longer necessary. The suction body develops vertically, in the rear part of the appliance, allowing maximum exploitation of the internal space of the furniture and an extremely small footprint. In line with the latest trends, Falmec has also created a total black version of the product.


Luxor: it's the detail that makes the difference
Luxor by Baraldi focuses on the distinctive detail to overcome the monotony of black glass. The new hob of the brand is characterized by a golden finish on the front edge, a discreet touch of color that renews the aesthetics of the appliance without altering the purity of the design. The basic model (60 cm), which will be joined by others, has 4 cooking zones and 9 power levels + Booster.
Maximum flexibility with Modular Induction
In white or black, Modular Induction by Foster is a modular system that can be freely positioned on the worktop. The 3 models of the plate, different in diameter and power, can be paired in different combinations and are controlled through the touch control panel. The connection box connects the plates to the panel.

SenseBoil: minimal and hi-tech

SenseBoil EIS82449C by Electrolux has an essential design, underlined by the Slider Touch controls. Among its main functions are: SenseBoil (which automatically adjusts the temperature to bring water to simmer in a controlled way without dirtying the hob), Hob2Hood and Bridge.