Young and modern


The large island kitchen is the protagonist of a loft realized in Amsterdam, in the site of a former dance school. The Standard Studio architecture studio, in collaboration with Brandsing Meubelmakers (a company specialist in furniture and renovations), has in fact converted this large space into a private residence for a young family, creating a comfortable, modern and bright environment.

The challenge
The main challenge of this project was to preserve the charm of the original structure, keeping the ceilings about 5 meters high and the brightness of the building, while avoiding the “cold and detached” effect created by the very large spaces. It was therefore decided to exploit the strengths of the structure, combining kitchen, living room and dining room in a single living area in order to obtain a large, bright and functional space. Furthermore, thanks to the height of the ceilings it was possible to create a second level, to give privacy to the living room and further isolate it from the street noise. Finally, Standard Studio designed an almost doorless loft to accentuate the feeling of spaciousness: however, where doors were needed, subtle and discreet models were used.
Credit Wouter van der Sar Photography

A hi-tech kitchen
The large island kitchen is the nervralgic center of the loft. The worktop is made of Himacs in Alpine White, which ensures an easy-to-clean surface and prevents the accumulation of dirt and bacteria thanks to the absence of joints. There is no shortage of technological equipment in the kitchen area: from the induction hob with integrated hood (4 cooking zones) to the built-in oven, up to the combined microwave. Furthermore, as regards food storage, a built-in refrigerator has been placed near the island next to the wine cellar, under which the freezer is located. A built-in dishwasher with 14 place settings and a coffee machine complete the equipment.

Light and color
To create a youthful and welcoming atmosphere, brightly colored furnishings (such as orange and blue) have been combined with the light and pale tones of the walls, ceilings and worktop in Himacs, which give the loft a cheerful and contemporary character.
Credit Wouter van der Sar Photography