Euronics UK promotes sustainability among consumers

Courtesy Amdea

During this year, CIH, the electrical buying group, part of Euronics, is focusing its campains on sustainability to help consumers to find the best green appliances. As Amdea, the UK Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances said, «the dramatic jump in energy prices in recent months is part of the rising cost of living for UK consumers who are also increasingly aware of climate change and the general health of the planet».

The Association also explains that «the Government has introduced extra legislation to ensure that the products that consumers purchase are as energy efficient as possible. Euronics is well placed to offer advice on the right electrical appliances and how they can be used to best effect to minimise energy and water consumption».

To provide the end users information and features about the most efficient appliances, Euronics has introduced a range of tools available, such as those that ca be found on the company’s website, that presents an overview of some of the key technologies available in the latest products including sensor drying technology, auto dosing, heat pump technology and induction hobs.