Electrolux promotes a sustainable path in the kitchen


The third edition of the Electrolux’s Future Sustainable Kitchen (Fsk) event focused on the power of partnership in the food ecosystem to help consumers to have a more sustainable behaviour. According to the panelists opinion expressed at the Fsk, the whole food ecosystem must work together to nudge consumers towards making healthier and sustainable choices instead of judging their behavior.

FSK’s third edition gathered online leading experts from across the food ecosystem – scientists, kitchen producers, food tech start-ups, and a chef. Among them is Petra Janney, founder of sustainability consultancy firm Hatcher, who said companies should put the right choices in front of consumers. In the process, companies can create “irresistible offerings” based on shared experiences for families and friends. «Eating sustainably is not a sacrifice: it’s an opportunity to learn something new, to try something delicious, and to create an unforgettable moment with loved ones» – Janney said.

«There are so many innovators showing that with the right amount of knowledge, right amount of nudging, we can really make a difference that’s meaningful for the planet and for our future – said Electrolux CEO Jonas Samuelson -. If today has shown anything, it’s really the power of partnership in the food ecosystem.» At this year’s EuroCucina in Milan (June 7-12), Electrolux will unveil GROa visionary concept aimed at reinventing the kitchen and enabling people to enjoy food in a way that is sustainable for our health and the planet.