The new Samsung robovac and laundry solutions with AI


Many new products were presented by Samsung Electronics during the latest edition of CES. Among the home appliances, the brand introduced JetBot 90 AI+, a robot featuring smart technologies that optimize its cleaning route and respond to its environment. Meanwhile, Samsung’s new Smart Dial Front Load washers and dryers use artificial intelligence to learn user preferences and recommend optimal washing and drying cycles. Both the JetBot 90 AI+ and smart washer were recently recognized with this year’s CES Innovation Awards and will arrive in the U.S. in the first half of 2021. The JetBot 90 AI+ is a smart robotic vacuum, powered by Intel® AI, using a combination of sensors and AI-enhanced object recognition technology. A LiDAR sensor, similar to that used in self-driving cars, detects distance and tracks location for precise movements. A 3D sensor recognizes the difference between objects such as a toy and the leg of a chair, detects even small objects on the floor, and recognizes a room’s shape to maneuver around it.

The new 8800 Series Smart Dial Front Load washers and dryers, instead, have been redesigned to make laundry easier, more intuitive, and less stressful. Samsung is bringing its signature Smart Dial technology to the new laundry pair. The Smart Dial intelligently learns the user’s preferred cycles and settings, then prioritizes them for quick access in a simplified, easy-to-use control panel. It also recommends specific cycles based on intelligent learning of past cycles run on particular days of the week or at specific times.
«At Samsung, we’re committed to delivering new appliance innovations that inspire families, while helping make life at home easier in ways not thought of before – said John Herrington, Senior Vice President, General Manager of Home Appliances. – By automating your floor care and learning your laundry preferences, these new home appliances remove items from your to-do list, freeing you up to do more of what you love.»