Bosch cooktops with GlassProtec, the solution against the surface scratches


Bosch Appliances created an innovative solution to make the induction cooktop more scratches resistant. This result has been obtained thanks to a special coating developed by the company’s partner Schott: GlassProtec, a solution that is especially resistant to unsightly scratches caused by sand or sponges. In many households, abrasive sponges are used to remove dried-on food from the cooktop. They generally do the job but can also leave behind unsightly traces. Ugly scratches can also be caused by fine grains of sand, which are all around us and can impact the cooktop when they come into contact with cleaning utensils or when pots and pans are shifted across the surface. In addition, all types of metal objects pose a threat to the flawless surface of every glass-ceramic cooktop. According to Bosch, GlassProtect can prevent most of the scratches. The special coating developed by the glass manufacturer Schott is approximately 95 percent more resistant to scratches caused by sand and about 70 percent more resistant to scratches caused by abrasive sponges than conventional glass-ceramic cooktops with no special coating.
The appliance with the GlassProtect surface is being presented as part of the elegant accent line carbon black product family in two versions: one model with the ComfortProfile and one flush-mounted model. Both models are 80 centimetres wide and have a multi-purpose FlexInduction zone and three standard cooking zones. DirectSelect Premium operation epitomizes modern operating standards. And with the Home Connect app, the extractor hood can be conveniently controlled via the cooktop. In addition, the PerfectFry frying sensor ensures healthy frying thanks to its reliable temperature control that preserves vitamins and is gentle on cookware.