The Repairability index is mandatory in France


From the beginning of this year in France the repairability index has become mandatory for some home appliances and consumer electronics products. It is a new parameter used to inform consumers about the possibilities of repair a device before buying it.
The index is reported on a new label applied on the packaging of products sold in France. It has the symbol of a gear and a key and shows a value from 0 to 10 (including decimals). The initiative of the French market follows the recent decision of the European Parliament which expressed itself in favor of the introduction of a new policy to provide consumers with clear and immediately visible information on the estimated life of a product and its level of repairability. 
The Index is a score of up to 10, intended to indicate the level of repairability of the product. First applied on 5 pilot products (front-load washing machine, laptop, smartphone, mower and television), it must be visible in stores and on-line at the time of purchase. The criteria to define the score are: availability of documentation, disassembly and access to parts (fasteners, necessary tools), the period of availability of spare parts, the price of spare parts. Other parameters are specific for each product: for front-loading washing machine, criteria include: the presence of a usage counter, remote assistance and software update.
«Like the energy label – explains Gifam, the French Association of home appliances manufacturers – the repairability index is an indicator of comparison and choice of devices. It was created in collaboration with all players in the sector (public authorities, distributors, repair players, manufacturers, consumer and environmental associations, etc).»