GfK: “despite the crisis, TCG show a certain resilience”


GfK presented the results of the Technical Consumer Goods (TCG) sector during the first day of IFA 2020.
According to the company data, in the first six months of this yesr, the value of the TCG global market (Excluding North America and South Africa) fell to 306 billion euros as a result of the coronavirus crisis. Sales decreased by -5.8% in value internationally, but compared to other sectors, the decline was relatively contained, thanks also to the emergence of new needs for managing life at home during the lockdown.
According to what emerges from the GfK Consumer Pulse international study, 83% of people have changed their purchasing behavior during the Covid-19 emergency. Between March and June 2020, 78% of consumers said they were worried about the Coronavirus, while today 85% are worried about the economic consequences of the pandemic. Despite the difficulties that characterized the first part of 2020, the consumer technology market has shown a certain resilience, recording a fairly contained decline in sales: -5.8% in value in the first six months of the year. In this unprecedented period, in fact, many consumers have resorted to technology to tackle the crisis.