Amazon has a new Counterfeit Crimes Unit


Amazon has established a new Counterfeit Crimes Unit dedicated to individuate and signal to justice sellers of counterfeit products that violate Amazon’s law and policies t by offering counterfeit products in the store. The Unit is a global, multidisciplinary team made up of former federal prosecutors, investigators with consolidated experience and data analysts who will be engaged in the intense work Amazon is doing to reduce counterfeiting to zero.
Amazon’s primary goal is to prevent a counterfeit product from appearing among the offers in its store and the extensive proactive anti-counterfeiting programs put in place have ensured that over 99.9% of all products viewed by customers on Amazon do not have received a valid complaint for counterfeiting. In 2019 Amazon invested over 500 million dollar and employed over 8,000 persons to fight fraud, including counterfeiting. In the same year, Amazon’s activities led to the blocking of more than 6 billion suspicious adverts and the suspension of more than 2.5 million accounts of suspected vendors even before they were able to put up for sale a only product.
Amazon’s Counterfeit Crimes Unit will investigate instances where an attacker attempted to evade Amazon’s systems and created a list of counterfeit products that violate Amazon’s policies. This division will extract Amazon data, collect information from external sources, such as payment service providers, and from open source intelligence, and will use its resources in the field to reach the objective of the investigation.
«Every counterfeiter is advised – explains Dharmesh Mehta, VP of Customer Trust and Partner Support at Amazon – that he will be held liable to the fullest extent permitted by law, regardless of where he attempts to sell his counterfeit products or where he is located. We are working diligently to stop and dismantle these criminal networks and congratulate with the authorities who are already part of this fight. We urge governments to provide these authorities with the investigative tools, funding and resources they need to bring counterfeiting criminals to justice».