Ego kitchen by Abimis in a refined version for an Irish house


The Ego kitchen by Abimis has been installed in a typical Irish house. For this special location, that opens onto an elegant winter garden, a mirrored finish of the model has been chosen, made complete by upper wall units and Abimis storage columns. This characteristic open-air living is presented as a natural continuation of the kitchen and vice versa: the transition from one environment to another is fluid, everything refers to a game of pleasant and fascinating contrasts among materials, surfaces, decorations, furnishing accessories, refined furniture and objects.
The home renovation project has created spaces with a strong personality, defined by a fascinating aesthetic impact and full functionality in a contemporary key.
The space that houses the Ego kitchen is large and bright, with solutions that enclose an ancient value, such as the stove and the fireplace, alternate with contemporary and more concrete elements. The shiny steel of the Abimis kitchen, the light wood parquet, the black brick niche with ceramic tiles and the white of the walls have helped to create an “involving” place, capable of suggesting feelings of warmth and familiarity.
The kitchen, the result of Abimis’ tailoring ability, is extremely versatile and functional: the cooking and washing top is complete with doors, drawers and wall units in the upper part; the exclusive recessed base of the Ego line, which allows greater agility for movement, is made in an orbited finish and houses push-pull drawers without handles, with easy opening.
The distinctive rounded hinged doors integrated into the Ego structure are combined with large handles with rounded corners made in a refined brass finish. The side wall hosts, instead, the ‘conservation and organization area” with a program of columns, always in steel, where we find the same ergonomic handles. The particular glossy mirror finish of Ego interacts with the natural light coming from the winter garden and with the surrounding environment, creating truly amazing visual effects. Abimis steel (AISI 304), a perfect material from the point of view of resistance, hygiene and practicality, has been ‘declined’ in different finishes, expertly combined: mirror polished and orbited, leaving space also for the natural brilliance of steel.