Very good phase for MDA in the French market


Large domestic appliances present in the French home are about 206 million, according to Gifam (the French Associations of home appliances manufacturers) data. More than 15 million of this kind of devices are sold per year in the market, so that in 2019 their value reached 5.3 billion euro, recording a net growth of +3.1% (vs. -0.9% in 2018) and + 2.9% in volume.
These positive results are confirmed in all the MDA product families (Cooling, Washing and Cooking) and are particularly supported by the Built-in (+4.6%), which this year represents 38% of turnover. Free-standing segment also closed the year with a positive trend and a growth of +2.2%.
According to Gifam, Washing (38% of the market in value) recorded an increase of +3.4% the strongest growth among large domestic appliances. The washing machine marked an increase of +3.1% driven by the rise of automatic dosing devices. Strong momentum in tumble dryers as well (+5.3%), in particular thanks to the success of heat pump models. Dishwashers also had a good year (+3.2%).
Cooling appliances (29% of the market in value) is also living a favourable period, growing of+ 3.1%. Refrigerators were up 3.3%, driven by the success of new premium formats, in particular multi-doors, optimizing user comfort and flexibility. Wine cellars, on the other hand, recorded the best product performance with + 12% growth. Only the freezers are slightly down, in favour of more modular products combining refrigeration and freezing.
Stimulated by numerous innovations (design, precision of results, etc.), cooking increased by +2.8%. Almost all of the products are dynamic: +3.8% for electric ovens; + 2.2% for hobs; + 4.9% for extractor hoods and +3.3% for microwaves, also driven by the built-in versions. Only cookers recorded a decrease of -2.2%, with consumers now turning more to fully equipped and designer kitchens.