Gifam: SDA grows by 4.7% in France


Gifam, the French Association of household appliances producers, recorded a positive trend during 2019. The market, in fact, saw a growth of 3.7% reaching a total value of 8.8 billion euro.
«After a stable 2018, the household appliances sector is recording a dynamic trend. – Brigitte Petit, Gifam President commented – These results are further significant, considering that the global trend saw a little drop by 0.7%. The home appliances manufacturers demonstrated one again their propensity towards innovation, proposing more and more performant and durable products, responding to the consumers’needs».
With 54.2 million devices sold and 3.4 billion euros in turnover, the small domestic appliance sector marked a growth of +4.7% in value (vs + 0.5% in 2018) and + 2.5% by volume.
Confirming the trends of recent years, vacuum cleaning stimulates the SDA market: accounting for 26% of its value, it still recorded a remarkable growth of + 6.1%, thanks to a very strong growth in robot vacuum cleaners (+24% in value), followed closely by broom vacuum cleaners (+21%) and finally steam cleaners (+12% ).
The breakfast segment (15% of the market in value and + 8.3% growth) is experiencing real product successes. This is evidenced by the unprecedented enthusiasm for coffee machines with grinder (+70%) and espresso machines (+6%).
Beauty/well-being (17% of the market in value) regained a good dynamic (+4.6%) driven by “fun styling” (+17%) and men’s electric shavers (+5%).
Two other smaller categories are also on the rise: cooking ( 2.8%) driven by “fun cooking” appliances, and household comfort (+13.5%) – including dehumidifiers, humidifiers, purifiers, fans etc. – sign of increased concern with air quality.
If irons and steam generators are shrinking, hand steamers, which combine practicality and speed, were very successful in 2019 (+ 32%). Culinary preparation, instead, after 6 promising years, is down slightly this year (-3.4%).