Miele will open its first plant in USA


In order to pave the way for further growth, Miele announced in March that it would be setting up an additional production facility in the USA. The exact location has now been finalised: the German family-owned company’s first plant on the American continent will be built in Opelika in the State of Alabama. Production is scheduled to start by the end of 2024. In the first phase, 150 employees shall come on board.

«There are several good reasons for the decision to also produce in the USA in the future – the company explains –. The United States, where Miele has been represented by a sales and service company for 40 years, is the largest market outside Germany. At the same time, the company still sees a lot of potential here. The new site will enable Miele to produce the ovens and range cookers specifically designed for the USA, Canada and Mexico close to the market. Later, the matching Cooker hoods will also be produced here. This reduces the delivery time from up to ten weeks today to just a few days in a customer-friendly way and also reduces the impact on the climate».

Today, the Cooking business unit’s production is distributed as follows: Hobs and steam ovens as well as warming drawers come from the Bünde plant (approx. 730 employees), Cooker hoods from Arnsberg (approx. 250 employees) and cookers, ovens and Dialogue ovens from Oelde (approx. 670 employees). The steam ovens, i.e., ovens and steam cookers in one appliance, are produced in Bünde or Oelde, depending on the model. «The new site will give all three plants the capacity for future increases in production volumes for the other model ranges» – says Senior Vice President BU Cooking Brunkhorst.

Including the new plant, the Miele Group’s international production network will include a total of 16 locations, eight of which are in Germany and one each in Austria, China, the Czech Republic, Romania, Poland and the USA. In addition, there are the two plants of the Italian medical technology subsidiary Steelco Group.