Gorenje appliances on display in Paris


Some appliances of the Gorenje Retro collection are displayed by a specialist shop of home appliance and electronics, Boulanger, that is also a strategic partner of the company in domestic appliances sales in France.
Both models of the small and large appliances are shown in the retailer storefront in the Paris city center, located near the famous Paris opera house.
«This promotion – says Damien Neymarc, marketing manager for Hisense and Gorenje France. in such a high frequency area is very important for Gorenje as we have newly launched our small domestic appliances lines in France at the end of last year, that’s why such exposure at the heart of Paris is of strategic importance for us.»
The success of Gorenje Retro display convinced Boulanger to re-create the same display at another prestigious location in the vicinity of the Eiffel tower, in the premium Beaugrenelle shopping mall, one of the biggest shopping malls in Paris’ inner city.
This collection includes several kind of household appliances with a vintage look and many color variants. The models are performant and ensures energy efficiency and functionality.
After the acquisition by Hisense, the Gorenje brand and its products have been integrated in the strategic vision of the Group that is focused on innovative and smart solutions.
This year, Hisense has presented their latest innovations in TV segment, smartphones, VIDAA intelligent platform, ConnectLife and many other breakthrough new products. Through the ConnectLife smart platform, the TV is turned into a control center for smart home appliances, and a bridge is established between the TV and other home appliances of Hisense, Gorenje and ASKO. When you enter the kitchen, the 21-inch large-screen refrigerator will recommend recipes based on the user’s health information. Users can place orders directly on the screen for the ingredients that are missing in the recipe and can also start the oven to preheat accordingly. Smart hobs replaced traditional buttons with touch screen controls. After turning on the switches, they can automatically turn on the lights according to the brightness of the room.