The new Electrolux hob with SenseBoil


Electrolux has developed a new intelligent induction hob with SenseBoil® technology, which simplifies every cooking activity. In the two sizes of 60 and 80 cm wide, the SenseBoil® hob offers a significant flexibility: through the special sensor present in the 4 Infinite cooking zones, it perceives the vibrations of boiling water and automatically adjusts the level of heat, avoiding spills from the pot.
For greater flexibility and efficiency, the Bridge function connects two different cooking zones into a larger one, allowing the use of pans of any shape and size. Moreover, at the touch of a slider command on the digital display, the PowerSlide function activates three preset temperature levels (high, medium, low) so as to easily slide the pan from the warmest to the coldest area without the need to manually manage the power. Anyway, the hob ensures extreme cooking precision thanks to the heat system adjustable up to 14 levels. The model also features the Hob2Hood technology that connects the hood to the hob with the integrated wireless connection, automatically activating and adjusting the first according to the intensity of use of the hob: the environment will always be fresh and free of odors.
Finally, thanks to the Stop+Go program, what is cooked does not cool down because the cooking zones are automatically adjusted to the “keeping warm” level. In addition, the Child Safety function blocks the ignition and controls, preventing any intervention by children.
The Electrolux SenseBoil® hob also ensures energy efficiency, because it is possible to regulate the energy absorption from 1.5 kW to 7.2 kW.