Bompani studies the perfect oven


Bompani develops and realizes kitchen appliances with a high technological heart and an Italian design. The company products engineering are studied by experts to find the better solution for the final users.
At the beginning of the year, for example, the company concluded the study phase of the “Forno Perfetto” project, set up by the Bompani technical team with the help of researchers and engineers from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and co-financed by Regione Emilia Romagna’s 2014-2020 European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Operational Programme (OP).
The objective was to improve cooking results enabling users to control the temperature and humidity inside the oven thanks to a new steam direct inlet system.
Unimore’s InterMech centre developed a 3D model for the thermo-fluid dynamic simulation of temperature and humidity conditions inside the oven and for testing on both an existing kitchen and the first prototype of the new model.
At the same time, the Democenter – Sipe foundation carried out study and technical analysis procedures. The former focused on the system for the monitoring and measuring of oven temperature and humidity, with particular focus on steam control systems in terms of generation, extraction and sensors. The latter involved an analysis of all new-generation insulating materials that could be used in compliance with future regulatory restrictions on energy efficiency, with particular focus on wool insulation and oven door glass.
The final result was an electric oven prototype that combined internal design, the results of the InterMech experimental model and new insulating materials identified by Democenter.
Over the next few months, the solutions studied and experimented within this project will be tested, manufactured and installed on other products of the Bompani range.