Lg Hob-Bot is also a security system


Among the many functions and innovations included to the modern home appliances, Lg focuses on safety, by introducing a security system in its robovac. Hom-Bot Wi-Fi is the Lg robotic vacuum cleaner featuring remote control and motion detection that works along with SmartThinQ. With the intelligence of Lg’s DeepThinQ™ AI platform, the robot vacuum uses its smart sensors to avoid colliding with furniture and “sees” the home with its camera to ensure that it covers every nook and cranny so no dust or crumb gets left behind.
Moreover, it features Home-View and Home-Guard, that are home security features built into the vacuum cleaner to monitor and provide alerts in the event of a break-in or intrusion. Home-View allows homeowners to utilize the camera in the robot vacuum to view the interior of their homes remotely through their smartphones. Home-Guard complements Home-View by constantly monitoring movement in the home via its sensors and sending a series of five images to the SmartThinQ app when it detects unusual activity.
«Home security – they say from the company – is growing in importance among consumers and a major reason homeowners are interested making their homes smarter. While Lg Hom-Bot may only be a vacuum cleaner, it’s smart enough to know when something is wrong.»