Daikin opens its new factory in Vietnam


Daikin Air Conditioning Vietnam has completed its new air conditioner factory located in the suburbs of the capitol city of Hanoi. It is the first in Vietnam to provide full-scale production of air conditioners and functions ranging from air conditioner assembly to technician training and education. Moreover, taking advantage of its extensive training facilities, the factory will be utilized as a base for technician training while also ensuring the timely supply of high quality products to an air conditioning market where demand is rapidly expanding.
“In recent years – the company say in a press release – economic growth in Asia has continued from active investment in infrastructure and the advance of overseas companies. Furthermore, with the increase in population and income levels, the air conditioning market has also increased. Centering on residential air conditioners, air conditioning demand in Vietnam has continued to grow from the country’s remarkable economic development and rise in the middle class, making the country one of the largest air conditioning markets in Asia. Moreover, because electric bills relative to incomes are expensive, Daikin anticipates future demand to expand even further with the spread of energy-saving products, including inverter-equipped air conditioners.”
The new factory includes production control technologies and inspection systems utilizing IoT and technical training. For the meantime, residential air conditioners will be manufactured at the new factory under a system capable of producing one million units by the year 2020 with 1500 employees in total.