Good trend for the German exports


The German Electrical and Electronic Industry’s exports started the second half of the year with a good trend. In July 2017 they exceeded their corresponding pre-year level by 13.1% and added up to 15.7 billion euro. Considering the accumulated exports from January to July, German saw an increase by 10.8% (year over year) to 113.5 billion euro. Imports, anyway, also grew: they were 14.7% up on their pre-year level and came to 14.3 billion euro. Within the first seven months of 2017 they increased by 11.4% to a volume of 103.3 billion euro. A significant increase concerns the exports to Europe, that went up by 13.4% (year-on-year rate) to 9.8 billion in July 2017. Exports to euro zone members picked up by 12.3% to 4.8 billion.
Above average increases could be recorded for the sector’s deliveries to Russia (+54.2%), the Czech Republic (+33.3%) and Poland (+14.2%). Businesses with Turkey (+4.5%) and Italy (+3.6%) improved somewhat more modestly in July.
Between January and July the sector’s deliveries to Europe rose by 11.0% to 72.5 billion.
The German E&E Industry’s exports to countries outside Europe exceeded their pre-year
level by 15.7% in July 2017. Deliveries to Mexico (+57.8%) South Korea (+28.2%) and China (+23.6%) soared.