Ceced: a website about circular economy


Circular economy is one of the most important theme underlined by Ceced Europe, when speaking about the home appliances industry development and future. The sector, in fact, has many opportunity to follow all the values of a real circular economy but not only manufacturing better appliances. Ceced often remember that this is not a target that industry can reach alone.
Consumers also have many responsibility and many ways to transform our society in a circular society. Some of them are explained on the website www.circularsociety.eu, created just to show how much everyone can do.
Home appliances are closely connected with the personal well-being and with the surrounding environment of the home. Manufacturers are constantly improving products to maintain this added value that enriches the lives of all society.
The sector has continuously provided a significant contribution through designing and manufacturing innovative products that cut resource use, especially energy and water, save labor as well as time and money, as well as reducing waste.
The new website deals with the theme of circular economy, examining several factors: from food waste and better use of refrigerators, to the importance of saving water with a good dishwasher. The #CircularSociety is also available to read opinions and suggestions.