Electrolux acquired Anova Precision Cooker



As part of its strategy of creating an offer more and more smart and connected, Electrolux recently acquired the smart kitchen appliance company Anova and has just been announced as partner to Google’s smart home system Google Home, with both its Frigidaire Cool ConnectTM Air Conditioners and the Anova Precision Cooker being integrated into the new platform.
According to Electrolux vision, smart home should offers consumer solutions for a more healthy, effortless and sustainable lifestyle and indoor environment. This is why the company aims to create a highly interconnected ecosystem of smart products all work together using artificial intelligence (AI) to help people organize their daily lives at home – with consumers using voice and gestures to control their environment, as well as interactive displays on walls and surfaces.
A concept video (https://player.vimeo.com/video/223088252?autoplay=1) realized by Electrolux Design explains the smart home of the future, as intended by the company.
«The world is more connected than ever before – Lars Erikson, Electrolux Head of Group Design said, presenting a new concept video – and we know that the truly smart home is well on its way to being a reality. This concept video is about envisioning an ecosystem of digitally-enhanced products and services that enhance our consumers’ lives and helps drive our ambition to deliver best-in-class consumer experiences.»