IoT and energy management


One of the most frequent questions of consumers is if the new connected devices will or not be also easy to use and how they can simplify their life and control energy consumptions. This was also one the main theme treated during the European Sustainable Energy Week 2017, which took place in Brussels from 19th – 25th June. During the week the two non-profit association EEBUS and Energy@home together with several leading European Manufacturers of home appliances demonstrated how home appliances that speak the same language, and communicate with energy managers, Smart Home Systems and with each other in an integrated home ecosystem, can provide the benefits of smart energy management for consumers.
EEBUS and Energy@home promote energy efficient technologies for the Smart Home and Internet of Things (IoT). During the European Utility Week in 2014, they announced their intention to cooperate on the creation of a common, open language to enable interoperability of Smart Appliances with a specific focus on energy management solutions. The successful outcome of this cooperation was presented during a live demonstration.