LG presents the 18:9 FullVision smartphone


LG G6 is a premium smartphone with many user-friendly functions. It features an 18:9 FullVision display with app scaling, which enables users to enjoy it to the maximum, and comfort view mode, designed for those who love read. By offering a screen aspect ratio of 18:9 instead of the usual 16:9, the LG G6 fits more data onto the screen, enables the screen to be split into two perfect squares for multitasking, and allows users to enjoy a more immersive gaming experience.
LG is working closely with app developers to introduce more apps and content in 18:9 screen aspect ratio. Apps created in 16:9 ratio may experience some cropping when viewed on an 18:9 display, but the app scaling mode allows to manually adjust the settings of each app to run in compatibility (16:9), standard (16.7:9) or full screen (18:9) modes.