Gorenje awarded for its innovation


During the latest edition of Sarajevo Business Forum (SBF), Gorenje Group received the Sarajevo Business Bridge Innovator of the Year Award, a recognition given to individuals or businesses that have shown a significant degree of innovation and/or creative thinking, operating within the SEE Region. The innovation can be seen through the development of new methodologies, approaches, products or services which have met the needs of end-users. At the ceremony the managing director of Gorenje Commerce, Robert Polšak, received the prize, explaining that responsibility, innovation, and entrepreneurship were the key corporate values for the Group. «We had a successful year 2016 in which we met all key goals, grew in our most important markets, and saw growth in our core activity. Our profit was up as well, our sales structure improved, and we attained the budgeted sales goals. We succeeded in all this owing to targeted marketing activities and investment into new product development which has been rising every year and reached 2.6 percent of total Gorenje Group sales revenue.»