TCG value decreases by 1.5% in Western Europe


According to GfK Temax, technical consumer goods (TCG) start the year with a decrease of sales value of 1.5% in the Western European markets, that reach a total revenue of 50.8 billion euro. The first quarter recorded a negative trend for all the products categories, with only two exceptions: small appliances (SDA) and photography. SDA market grew by 0.8%, while photograph devices saw an increase of 0.4%. Regarding small appliances, the Belgian and Spanish markets reported the best results in the considered period, especially thanks to handstick with ongoing growth driven by success of cordless, full-automatic coffee machines with growth coming from all price segments, and electrical toothbrush. Among all technical consumer goods, the biggest fall was that of consumer electronics, that closed the first three months of 2017 with a turnover decline of 6.7%. Major domestic appliances remained almost stable with only a little decrease of 0.1%, due to a negative trend for freestanding appliances and bad results of some markets as Finnish, French, Swedish and Danish that recorded a single-digit decline. The most of the Western European countries, instead, achieved a value growth with positive results for built-in products and innovative segments, like hobs with flex induction or tumble dryers with heat pump.