High-tech industry against Trump

Several American companies in the high-tech sector have officially taken position against the executive order of the Usa president, that obstacles the entry to the United States to citizens of seven Muslin countries

New (and certainly not last) episode in the story of the Muslim Ban, the executive order of the US President Donald Trump, which prevents entry into the United States for citizens of seven Muslim countries considered at high risk of terrorism. This time is the hi-tech industry to take position. Ninety-seven companies, many of which own to the high-tech world, among which important names like Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter, have submitted a legal memorandum to the Federal Court of Appeal in San Francisco to denounce the illegality of the measure. Among the signatories of the document Amazon misses, but it has repeatedly expressed its opposition to the presidential measure. The act represents a formal support to the legal action already started by the Washington State. The signatory companies not only assert that the presidential decision violates the Constitution and the immigration laws, but also stress that immigrants are authors of many of the most important discoveries in the nation and how they have made their contribution in founding some of the most innovative and representative companies of the United States. They also warn, that such a measure will make it more difficult to find the right employees in the rest of the world, resulting in higher costs, and hinder the ability to compete in the international markets.